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Naughty in Norway

Naughty in Norway
A Saucy Saga of the North
A hilarious account of the adventures of two English au pairs in 1950s Norway. Packed with information about this fascinating country, past and present
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The Spare Child

The Spare Child and Other Rather Nasty Stories . . .
(2nd edition)

Nine short stories with black humour, inc:

The Spare Child – A futuristic tale of an uncaring society
The Time of Her Life A woman gets more than she bargained for
The Mincer A grisly tale with a twisted sense of humour
The Postman’s Secret A shameful habit pays off
A Voice from the Grave A misunderstanding that proves deadly
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While Others Sleep

While Others Sleep
A collection of 25 poems with illustrations by the author
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Boys’ and Girls’ Names
Boys’ Names and Their Meanings
Girls’ Names and Their Meanings

In the Footsteps of the Arctic Pioneers
Barbara Godfrey’s account of expeditions to the Norwegian archipelago of Spitsbergen by her father, Dr Alec Frazer FRS, in the 1920s. Dr Frazer was the only Cambridge man on the Oxford University expeditions. Among the explorers was Andrew Irvine, who was to die while climbing Everest with George Mallory in 1924.

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