Barbara by Fountain of Life
Focal point . . . The stunning Fountain of Life at the Vigeland sculpture park on the outskirts of Oslo.

In Vigeland Park
Life story . . . Two of the dramatic figure-entwining trees.

In Vigeland ParkIn Vigeland Park
Viking power . . . Some of the hundreds of stone figures around the Vigeland monolith.

With son in parkBy Holmenkollen ski jump
With son Christopher at the park . . . and at the famous Holmenkollen ski jump.


Naughty in Norway cover

Naughty in Norway
A Saucy Saga of the North

by Barbara Godfrey

We decided it was time to venture further afield – a half-hour bus ride out of town – to the Frogner Park with its 192 remarkable sculptures, comprising 650 figures, by Gustav Vigeland on the theme of Man. I noticed Alicia loitering beside one of the more erotic groups of figures and was about to comment on her new-found interest in the sculptor’s technique when I realised her motives were less praiseworthy. Her attention had simply been diverted by two flesh-and-blood males – equally erotic looking but fully clothed, unlike the statues – who slowed down to eye us and the sculptures. A farcical discussion on the artistic merits of Vigeland’s work degenerated into a lively verbal exchange of sexual innuendo and a date for that evening at the restaurant beneath the Holmenkollen ski jump.


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