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Barbara in forest near Oslo

Naughty in Norway

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Girls on boat trip to see Tirpitz
Author Barbara Godfrey relaxes in a forest near Oslo on her day off
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The girls take a boat trip to see the wreck of the battleship Tirpitz near Tromsø
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Barbara and Alicia in Tromso
Lapp family near Karasjok
Barbara hitching at Dombas
Lapp family near Karasjok
Barbara, right, and Alicia in Tromsø
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A Lapp family gives the girls a friendly welcome near Karasjok
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Barbara waiting to hitch a lift at Dombås
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Nomad Lapps near Karasjok
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Fjord pony near Skjak
Barbara bathing in stream at Skjak
Alicia on Sognefjell road
Midsummer Eve at Lillehammer
A mountain-dweller with his fjord pony near Skjåk
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Barbara enjoys a paddle in a stream at Skjåk
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Alicia on the Sognefjell road
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Midsummer Eve at Lillehammer
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Barbara bathing at Lillehammer
Norwegian cargo ship
Barbara with lorry at Turtagro
Turf-roofed hostel at Eidsdal
Barbara at the riverside pool at Lillehammer
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The cargo ship which took the girls to Norway, and later on a cruise to the Mediterranean
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Barbara with the Youth Hostel warden’s lorry at Turtagrø
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The turf-roofed Youth Hostel at Eidsdal where the girls spent a night
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