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The Blood, the Sand and the Sun
• Visionary, surreal and evocative poems from the past 15 years.

A Terminal Lunar Cataclysm, Sex on Mars, Connected to Remote Sunrise, Drinking In, Any Good Place, and more . . .

“When words no longer count
And there’s nowhere to put your X-ray eyes
A systematic grinder, enemy of my Dream People,

Tries to suck your Soul away.
A falsehood generator transcends the memories
        And bins the words that still won’t swim.”

(from A Terminal Lunar Cataclysm)
Centuries of Sadness
• A philosophical collection of introspective, surreal meanderings, first published in 1994 by Black Cat Communications. Illustrated.
The pattern is woven
except observed by
the parties of itself
that oversee what they are
immersed in:
a deep tracheotomy
at the instant of speaking.

(from Speech Therapy for the Wicked)
Laughter in the Fog
• A lyrical selection, first published in 1995 by Pentagraph Press.
“The promise of eternal youth
turns to the broken pledge of old age.
Time flies
and to the best of my ability
I try
to write things down;
but the Great Recording Angel
I feel
would like me to spell it all out
and scratch it on the surface
where God could hardly find it.”

(from The Promise of Eternal Youth)
Goodbye to Space Invaders
• A varied selection of early poems: surreal, idealistic. Wordplay, freedom and transcendence. Parties, hitching, arrogance, humour, romantic inclinations . . .
“Life’s wonder is
your little fresh face
You & I and We

An oily night &
two blobs of mercury
hang together
jutting out electricity

My face comes along like a TV set
decorated & tuned
to creep cold across the carpet
& suck.”

(from Girl Ankles)

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An unusual mix of surreal perceptions, odd conversations, ludicrous ramblings and prose poetry – satirical, unsettling, and mostly ridiculous . . .

Dayglo Dawn

Wild and Full of Youth
• How a girl finds herself poetically rebellious

Fascist Man in a Carrier Bag
• How to whip up a frenzy when you are tormented by idiots

Peace in the Sky
• What is the festival really about?

Presenting the World’s First Edible Society
• A surreal ramble through an impossible situation

Experimental Humans – COMING SOON(ish)
• A vision of transcendence where people rub together

Spanish Inquisition in my Bedroom One Night – COMING SOON(ish)
• When your dreams close in on you

The Miniature Shutdown of Reverend Pog
(or, a little religious ha ha!)
• One man’s hallucinatory confusion in a bedsit

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