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Pete Gioconda
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Last updated February 12, 2022

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Up You album

UP YOU (album)

14 poetic rock/pop songs, including Naughty Little Lemon, Loser's Paradise, She's Got Your Eyes, Union True, Wake Up or Be Captured, Jasmine Gold, Your Dark Numbers

In late stage of prodution. Due out early in 2022


Fiery and topical single ... musical influences could be Dylan, Clash, Pistols, Pogues.

“The Time of Great Waste is a rather fine song.” - BBC Radio Bristol

“If ever there was a lyric that summed up the 20th/21st centuries:
The Time of Great Waste should be a song everyone knows.”
- Nomenclature Standard

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PETE GIOCONDA is a unique, edgy singer, a protest poet with penchant for historical reference. This mix of punk attitude and psychedelic-folk feel teases the audience to take sides . . . like a Johnny Rotten (who hasn’t slept in four days) meets Times they are a-changin’-era Dylan and strolls into Cat Power’s bedroom for consolation. 

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Pete Gioconda

Pete plays Halo
Wake Up or Be Captured

Pete has taken the empty culture of materialism and is attempting to untangle it. His song Hey You, Out with Shopping Bags has acquired new meaning in the wake of recent looting. Shadow shopping. The unseen forces which control our perception, which leave us “dreaming of money gods”, form the subject of Wake Up or Be Captured.

“In one sense, 1970s punk had it easy,” Pete comments. “All it had to do was attack nice fluffy hippies. It’s much harder now, because mainstream youth culture is filled with aggressive patsies of consumerism. Being aggressive back doesn't work. It just makes minds smaller.”

Pete’s poetic style is influenced by the freedom he found hitching and wandering in his 20s, and by his love of classic literature. His aim is to merge story, theatre and poetry with his music and songs. In 2008, Pete performed many Bristol-written songs live on BBC3 TV’s Upstaged, as guest of performance artist/musician Badgertrap.

Surreal perceptions

Pete coneheadPete Gioconda’s lyrics, poems and stories are notable for vivid word play and perceptions. He is working on a radio black comedy andthe first of a series of novels, a semi-surreal odyssey of youth, inspired by his wanderings.

Rock’n’roll and literature

Influenced by classic and experimental literature as much as by British and American rock’n’roll, Pete aims eventually to merge story, theatre and poetry with music and songs. “The real adventure has yet to begin in earnest.” Favourite songwriters include Cat Power, Bob Dylan, John Lydon, Jim Morrison and Pete Townshend, and their influences. “It was first getting into Jim Morrison that made me want to write, like crazy.”

Heroic females

“My recent musical heroes have mostly been female,” says Pete G, “particularly Cat Power. She has a sensitivity and honesty not hemmed in by fashion or genre.

“I don’t think the world needs more women on the front line or flying fighter jets, but against war and wasteful stupidity. We should nurture and fix things, and share them – not just go on about expanding the economy the whole time. Let’s have some real female wisdom for a change: showing men the error of their ways, not fighting to be like them . . . Kate Bush for Queen . . . and Bohnson for Bag Lady!”

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Live Gigs – Find out where Pete Gioconda’s playing. Having returned to the south east of England, Pete is currently gigging in and around Brighton and London, singing his heart out and blowing a wild harmonica.

Pete readingMusic/Video – Listen, download tracks or buy CD.

Writings – Discover the imaginative world of Pete’s lyrics, poems & stories. Surreal perceptions and vivid wordplay.

Biography – Pete’s background, influences and aspirations, heroes and hopes.

Photos – Mini snapshot album.

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•   “The Time of Great Waste is a rather fine song.”  – BBC Radio Bristol

•   “If ever there was a lyric that summed up the 20th/21st centuries . . . The Time of Great Waste should be a song everyone knows.”  – Nomenclature Standard

•   “Teases the audience to take sides.”  – Badgertrap

•   “Some people make shopping mall music. Big, calm, blandly elegant. Reassuring. Somewhere to pass the time and feel comfortable. Pete does not make that kind of music. He makes the music of cobblestone streets, winding alleys, shady lanes. Dimly lit bars. The music of cold, still dawns. Of desolate, wild country.
     “I’ve stood in some shopping malls and found then strangely beautiful. But it’s a short-lived feeling; and before long I want to leave. I would have been very proud to have written Twitch Doctor . . . It’s not a comfortable place to be, but as he nears the end of the song and sings ‘do not reject the hero in your soul’, you know someone understands . . . And after that they’re never quite the same again.”  – Nomenclature Standard

•   “Sounds rather Bolanesque to me (praise indeed!)”  – Attila the Stockbroker

•   “This music is the sort to get you bopping joyfully without even realising it. Loads of cheeky lyrics and strutting guitars. It could have been made yesterday, five years ago or ten years ago . . . music that any girl in a flowery dress with a ’60s haircut is bound to love – one for the students.”    – Tubs, scout at

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