Sex on Mars

From an age of oblivion
and beyond: fear in the near


The party leaks and gasps and bursts
       unfathomable freedoms.
Glowing coals of fairground people
       dissolve and cackle
in ethers of knowledge . . .

       Circles crack and chimes slide in;
a hot flush of distortion
       is neatly mastered in reality ~
a coincidence of difference
       in heavenly concatenation.

Here she comes . . .
       She from nowhere else!

A delicate naughtiness stretches out
       in growing proportion
on an up-and-coming stair of stars
       that dance.
Static points of motion curve
       the extravagant flow of acceptance ~
ripples of wine
       blown through sadness.


An erotic quietism with you ~
sensual spirit, once branded criminal in virtue;
you rub the roots of the void with your mother glue;
my senses envelop the rainbow of your flush through
       my dark side.

Your appeals find no pleasure unmet with completion
in my sloshing mind ~ your grace so simple,
       artlessly eluded in superstition.
Your flesh is lulled slantwise, in spirit ~
       wildly aware!

I’ll move the soft tense of your legs apart
I’ll reach the chuckles of your Martian heart
We’ll make the runway shudder
       blend in laughing surrender . . .

A spotlessly blemished tongue-tied enigma.

Now that now is foremost
Brightly remembered sparks still coast
Autumn leaves & wood smoke
Linger the webs of summer
Shadows in the meeting place
Step out of separation
Dying ~ instinct ~ kissing!

        I ran for you in the ancient firelight
        My night-burners set the woods on skin
        Your eyes scorch down scaring me
        Your toes hop the hem of reality
        We tuck the spidery stars to step
        In the forests of future ~ timeless ~ to sleep!


Magic sounds flash out in recurrence,
causing hellish remains to be released fantastically
on atomic staircases.

        Soft embers and feathers

        fragments of dignities

        of Armageddon & Parties

        blow the Peace together

        (Shantih Shantih Shantih)

© 2005 Pete Gioconda & Black Cat Communications
All rights reserved

Pete Gioconda