Connected to Remote Sunrise

I’m tripping and know I don’t need it
        People do nothing but limp it
You’ve got the same old slave grin
        You lost your roaring wave in

We found out night in perfect silence
        Drugged in rabbles of indulgence
The punch of time now streaming
        Will betray our bad dreaming

The comet trickles to oblivion
        Hung up with menacing precision
The sea is gleaming quicksilver
        Mighty with meaning that shivers

        Warlike sparks of obscurity
        Skies dim with satellites . . .
We’ll clear our throats and be ourselves:
        Shall we never be rapt in mystery?

        In response to our host’s message
Which the living stars encourage
        Eyes meet in the evening light
Scanning harmonies out of sight

        People of skittles lose their fear
Find out why they really are here
        Time is made up of flowing eyes
Connected to remote sunrise . . .

        May they find their freedom & soul
Endless reaching for a goal
        The Child in the wasteland alone
The Child within that smiles alone

~ The child who will live behind the wild curtain

© 2005 Pete Gioconda & Black Cat Communications
All rights reserved

Pete Gioconda