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Pete Gioconda

Pete GiocondaThe Blood, the Sand & the Sun
• 15 semi-surreal and visionary poems inc. A Terminal Lunar Cataclysm, Sex on Mars, Connected to Remote Sunrise, Drinking In, Any Good Place and more . . .

Goodbye to Space Invaders
• 26 youthful and idealistic poems – wordplay, freedom and transcendence. Parties, hitching, arrogance, humour, romantic inclinations . . .

Mysterious Shadows (in progress)
• Dreamy and evocative poems, including some which have been set to music. Selection from early poems, through the 1990s and up to the present day more to be added as soon as they are finished . . .

Groans of a Star Grower (in progress)
• Poems written in the 21st century. Coming soon . . .

Centuries of Sadness & other poems
• Abstract, introspective and surreal reflections from the early 1990s. First published in 1994 by Black Cat Communications. Illustrated.

Laughter in the Fog
A lyrical selection, first published by Pentagraph Press in 1995.

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Seán Russell Friend
Sean Russell Friend eye
Jay Beichman
Or Forever Hold Your Peace
Jay Beichman

Paul Davies

Paul Davies

Life: a Wicked Little Conundrum

Same Sun

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Bruce Barnes
Selected Poems

“Bruce Barnes’ poems are unlike any others I know. They move with a quiet, thrilling surrealism, yet never lose touch with the rag and bone shop of the heart.”
Martyn Crucefix
Bruce Barnes
Barbara Godfrey
Barbara Godfrey
Darran Laine
Darran Laine
Elise Stewart
Elise Stewart

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