Eye Blue Yonder

Skiddin’ in the fast lane,
ain’t even passed my test,
just ‘borrowed’ the wheels,
changin’ up for the best.

Got my lights on, so bright
cuttin’ thru the night
of still life flickin’ by
frightened by the sight

of ME sayin ‘NO! I won’t slow down
I’m buildin’ up a lead’
Me, I just don’t ever wanna lose,
so I’m crankin’ up the speed.


Needles’ slidin’ off the scale,
why cruise in overdrive?
Movin’ slick, an’ gettin’ slicker.
The signs say ‘YOU’RE ALIVE’

Passin’ back lights like they’re standin’
goin’ smooth, up, all the way.
Law can’t catch me, ’cos laws aren’t made
that could ever move this way.

Heaven’s ribbon turnin’ to me
sound injection, tape, my head,
bass, heart, wheels, click together.
– Someone’s stop light!
An’ it’s solid fuckin’ red!

Just damn took off, an’ I’ flyin’ free,
in my eye blue yonder
there’s no skyway code.
The air is strokin’
so c’mon an’ kiss me.

Seems like I’ve just run out of road.


© 1998 Paul Davies & Black Cat Communications
All rights reserved