• Peter Pick - Photographs – Poems – Fiction – Music. A new look at the same old world.
  • Pauline Sutton - Sculpturing in clay, plaster and bronze, Pauline is developing two new series: The Balanced Mind – the human subject striving to preserve identity in adverse circumstances. The Power and Electricity of Dance – inspired by the Ballet Rambert.
  • New Venture Threatre - New Writing, Theatre, Classes. Independent theatre in Brighton, Sussex, with weekly informal Acting Classes and scriptwriting workshop HotBed.
  • Active Health - Patrick Quanten MD and Yoga Acharya Mo Quanten. An integrated programme which applies all aspects of Healthy Living and teaches the essentials to be used and modified by each individual for a greater understanding of Life.
  • Masque Publishing - Poetry magazine Decanto, plus new poetry books by Elise Stewart and friends. Elise’s A Distant Shore is here in Edible Society.
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  • Dr. John C. Lilly, M.D.'s Home Page John Lilly
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  • Sound Photosynthesis
  • To infinity, and much further still...
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  • Arthur Rimbaud - the precocious genius' poems at biographer Graham Robb's site
  • Brian Patten
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  • South Bank Centre: The Poetry Library Online - great find this
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