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Pete Gioconda


Wild and Full of Youth
• How a girl finds herself poetically rebellious

Fascist Man in a Carrier Bag
• How to whip up a frenzy when you are tormented by idiots

Peace in the Sky
• What is the festival really about?

Don’t tell me how hard life is – I want the dark girl – COMING SOON
• A refusal to accept what stares you in the face

Presenting the World’s First Edible Society
• A surreal ramble through an impossible situation

Experimental Humans – COMING SOON
• A vision of transcendence where people rub together

Spanish Inquisition in my Bedroom One Night – COMING SOON
• When your dreams close in on you

The Miniature Shutdown of Reverend Pog (or, a little religious ha ha!) – COMING SOON
• One man’s hallucinatory confusion in a bedsit

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Barbara Godfrey

THE SPARE CHILD & other rather nasty stories

(2nd edition)

With their shocking twists, the nine stories in this expanded edition are reminiscent of TV’s Tales of the Unexpected.

In the grisly tale of The Mincer, and in other stories, events don’t turn out as planned . . . The enterprising Spare Child dares to defy the cruel laws of a future age of baby cloning . . . In Take Fright, Alison finds herself being chased breathlessly through Surrey woodland after taking her dog for a walk at a fairground . . . And in The Time of Her Life, bored housewife Rita dreams of a happy new life, as does little Susie in A Sting in the Tale . . . But their dreams inexorably become nightmares . . .

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