Goodbye to Space Invaders

Pete Gioconda

Goodbye to Space Invaders

Crisp Girl

Life Force Vision

A Doctor’s Dilemma


The Importance of Music

The devil over Brighton

Wayside Halts

Soul Refinery

Child of Pretty Head


The day my friends were shut

Shattered Daydream

One Night my Windowgaze

Girl Ankles


Brought to Life


Hymn to the Fall of the Blocks

The Wet Feet of Humility

Hitchhiker’s Illusion

Portrait of Sensuous Mystery Girl

The Arms and Doors

Neptune is my Cat-eyed Friend Infidèle


Front Cover


The Blood, the Sand & the Sun
by Pete Gioconda

Laughter in the Fog
by Pete Gioconda

Centuries of Sadness
by Pete Gioconda

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