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Last updated January 5, 2017
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Pete GiocondaPETE GIOCONDA is currently gigging in and around Brighton, where he can be found singing his heart out and blowing a wild harmonica. More on the caustic side of acoustic than the drippy side, his songs mingle poetic, folk, punk, psychedelic and pop sensibilities with a scowl at everyday annoyances.

** Second album UP YOU (14 songs) to be released in the spring of 2017

** Fiery and topical SINGLE .. The Time of Great Waste .. released Nov 2013

** Debut album LEARNING TO SEE out now

** Live Gig listings here ...

Discover the imaginative world of Pete Gioconda’s writings. Find out more in the biography and photo album. Plus history of Pete’s band Gioconda Smile, together with band interview.

• Download a pretty A4 “one-sheet” here.   [PDF size 885KB. Right-click and “Save link as”.]

We Are Real EPPete Gioconda’s songs are notable for their unique sound fused from new wave, pop, and folk/blues influences, mingling poetic lyrics with a punk attitude and friendly unpretentiousness. Youthful songs of mischief, desire, loss and sadness, plus transcendent perceptions.

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